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Welcome to my Blog!

Im Cami. coming soon...

2013 so much love in one year.

you were a good one. busy, crazy, and all around perfect. at times i wanted to pull my hair out, or collapse into a sleep coma, but in the end it was all worth it. this is a collection of my 2013 shoots in consecutive order. notice i said “my” shoots. these are pieces of my heart and soul. ive grown to love every single one of these humans, i’ve climbed into their bubbles, taken road trips and became instant friends.  my clients have been incredible and im so excited for the new people and shoots 2014 will bring. thank you for a fabulous year!IMG_0050IMG_4110IMG_3806 IMG_4379IMG_0924IMG_2455IMG_2040IMG_9736IMG_3537IMG_3686IMG_7667IMG_9288AIMG_0621IMG_1063IMG_1346IMG_8272IMG_9824IMG_9648 2 IMG_9466 2 IMG_9011 IMG_8928IMG_5603 IMG_4582 IMG_5498 IMG_1817IMG_7729IMG_1862IMG_1825 IMG_2140IMG_2157IMG_0244 IMG_9968IMG_8216IMG_2349 IMG_8703 IMG_8749 IMG_4874IMG_4943IMG_5033IMG_4157IMG_5194 IMG_9935IMG_0608IMG_0502IMG_8258 IMG_7481IMG_2421 IMG_9039IMG_2447j+g-233IMG_9000j+g-502IMG_0305 IMG_0529IMG_1258 IMG_9924IMG_9725kameron+melissa-94IMG_6720 2-2 IMG_6707IMG_9997IMG_0010 IMG_8263 IMG_8289 IMG_7920 IMG_9042IMG_0084IMG_0132IMG_9840IMG_2434AIMG_0516 IMG_0658IMG_6523 IMG_3573IMG_1545IMG_1308IMG_1334IMG_2151IMG_0302IMG_7203 IMG_5608IMG_8532 IMG_8436 IMG_8355 IMG_6428IMG_1605IMG_7505IMG_1966 IMG_2132IMG_7674IMG_2606IMG_0059 IMG_0757IMG_0661IMG_9673IMG_3249IMG_3985IMG_4199IMG_4440IMG_5582 IMG_5696IMG_5952IMG_4113IMG_6744IMG_6951 IMG_3269IMG_3789IMG_3337 IMG_4113AIMG_8187 IMG_5179 IMG_4570 IMG_4985 IMG_1613IMG_2076IMG_2467IMG_0129IMG_0875 IMG_7417IMG_0493IMG_8737 IMG_8232IMG_8568IMG_4906 IMG_4978  IMG_7728IMG_7771IMG_5591IMG_9316 IMG_9377 IMG_9640 IMG_9670AIMG_2145 IMG_1753 IMG_1543IMG_2745 IMG_2752IMG_6445 IMG_6413 IMG_6331IMG_4659 IMG_7984 IMG_8409IMG_2237 IMG_2066IMG_3860 IMG_3783 IMG_3747 IMG_3704 IMG_4367IMG_2025IMG_5196IMG_2114IMG_5819IMG_8911 

madi + briley engaged.

love. them. prettiest girl i know & sweetest couple.

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